Life-long learning
Community involvement
Annual Big Blitzes

Celebrating five years of 'blitzing' its community!

Community Blitz is a highly successful Brighton municipality partnership that provides local gardening and maintenance services as well as giving participants important life skills and employment.

Community Blitz provides people within the Brighton Municipality with access to meaningful real life learning opportunities and strengthens community connectedness through engagement in activities that result in the maintenance and beautification of private, public and environmental spaces.

Community Blitz engages volunteers, students, work experience participants, trainees and other interested people to work together to improve the liveability and amenities in the community.

Community Blitz was initiated by members of Brighton Alive as a way to improve collaboration both between agencies and with the community to improve the outcomes for the Brighton municipality. This partnership has continued to grow as more people have come to realise the many benefits to be gained from being involved in this unique initiative.

The Brighton municipality will benefit from affordable and needed services to enhance peoples' homes, community and environmental spaces.